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What size is the igloo and how much space do I need? 

Dreamy Dome’s igloo is 3.6m in length and 2.2m high. We recommend that you have an open, flat space of approx. 4.5m in diameter. 

How many people fit in the igloo?

The number of people that can fit inside the igloo varies, depending on your set up and event style. It comfortably fits up to 8 adults. 

How long is set up and pack down?

Allow 1.5 hours for set up (set up of igloo, styling and content creation). Pack down can take up to 1 hour maximum.

What happens if I damage the igloo and or decor?

As per our terms and conditions the hirer will be held accountable for any damage caused to the igloo upon collection.  In the event the igloo is unrepairable the hirer will cover the cost to replace (as per our Terms & Conditions).  If damaged, the hirers bond will be forfeited and any additional cost to repair will be at the hirers expense.

How far do you travel?

We cover 30km’s from Noranda. Delivery charges will be applied if it is outside the 30km’s. An additional travel fee will be applied depending on location. Upon booking we will provide you with a quote for travel.

What about the temperature?

Sometimes the temperature inside the igloo can be warmer than the outside temperature. In the cooler months they are designed to keep you nice and cosy. In the summer months we are only available for late afternoon/evening hire.

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